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Incentives Available Within Maryland’s A&E Districts


From the MD State Arts Council page

  • Property Tax Incentives
    The owner of a manufacturing, commercial, or industrial property is eligible for a local property tax credit based on the difference between the pre- and post-renovation assessments of the property when it has been wholly or partially renovated for use by"qualified residing artists" or "arts and entertainment enterprises." In Crisfield, this incentive is the maximum amount, 100% for the increased value in assessment  in both City and County property taxes for 10 years. Contact or the A&E Districts Program Director with questions about the incentives available in a particular district.


  • Artist Income Tax Subtraction Modification
    A "qualified residing artist" who lives in Maryland and sells "artistic work" in any of the 25 A&E Districts throughout the State is eligible for the income tax subtraction modification on income derived from their in-district sales (for performing artists, this includes income derived from performances in a district; for all "qualified residing artists", this includes internet sales originating in a district.)

    Eligible artists should submit a form 502AE with their annual state tax filing to claim the modification.

  • Admissions & Amusement Tax Exemption
    Local governments may exempt from the admissions and amusement tax gross receipts from any admissions or amusement charge imposed by an "arts and entertainment enterprise" or a "qualifying residing artist" in an A&E District.  

    Please visit the State Comptroller's Office website or contact the office for additional information.​​

To participate in the A & E Real Estate Registry, click here. 

For more information, check out the Maryland State Arts Council.

Have questions?  Check out the A&E Tax Incentives FAQ

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