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Deborah Biggs

Deborah is an artist and specializes in oil paintings.

Meredith Brewington Painting.jpg

Meredith Brewington

Meredith Brewington is a student artist and the illustrator for the book checkers. Madison her twin sister is a award winning fine artist. Both currently take commission and specialize in portraits.

Carol Cowie Painting.jpg

Carol Cowie

Carol Coie does paintings.

Deborah Cole Painting.jpg

Deborah Cole

Deborah specializes in paintings of pastels and oils.

Robin Daniels.jpg

Robin Daniels

Robin was born and raised in Crisfield. She is a local mural artist and is also an art teacher at the local high school. She specializes in murals and "funky" fish signs.

Donna Drew picture.jpg

Donna Drew

Donna does copper sculptures and garden art. Most of her work is in representation
of the Bay Area

Patricia ellison painting.jpg

Patricia Ellison

Patricia does paintings in oil, watercolor and anything that marks. Also hand-painted clothing and accessories.

Katie giordano picture.jpg

Katie Giordano

Katie does crafts and folk art related to local items.

Kim Hall.jpg

Kim Hall

Kim received a BA in studio art from George Mason University and continued her studies at The Corcoran School of Art. Over the years she has taken many workshops from her favorite artists and mentors including; Larry Moore, Roger Dale Brown, Dawn Whitelaw, and Dee Beard Dean, as well as always studying from the Master both past and present.

Richard Husband artwork.jpg

Richard Husband

Richard Husband, the artist behind Yonder Studio Arts, began drawing in mid-2014 after retiring from the U.S.G.S. in Golden, Colorado. He draws portraits of musicians, actors, artists, and other well-known people. He also began painting several years ago. He does original compositions as well as studies of painters such as Rockwell, Sargent, Homer, and others.

Debra Howard art.jpg

Debra Howard

Debra specializes in oil painting, acrylic painting, plein air landscapes, teaching, stained glass, and drawing

Tina Johnson Art.jpg

Tina Johnson

Tina specializes in paintings dealing with her culture and heritage. She also does

Katherine Kiss picture.jpg

Katherine Kiss

Katherine specializes in local bay things  in her paintings..


Deborah Nissley

Deborah is a writer, does fiber arts,  and also specializes in acrylic painting.

beauty3 (1) Gayane Minasyan.png

Gayane Minasyan

Gayane Minasyan is a painter and collage artist whose prolific work focuses on showing the beauty of women and portraiture. 

Brian Paterson picture.jpg

Brian Paterson

Brian focuses on local areas for inspiration
on his art.

martha pileggi art.jpg

Martha Pileggi

Martha specializes in oils, watercolors, etchings and jewelry design

Kathryn Redden Remnants 4 Bees and HIve

Kathryn Redden

Kathryn has a Master’s in Education, Adult Education- Post Secondary Track, from Salisbury University. She holds a BA in Art History from James Madison University.

She is the Artistic Director of Lower Shore Performing Arts Company providing live performing arts events, arts alive education programs for adults and children in public speaking, art forms, writing and techniques for actors.


Kathryn was in 8th grade when she first started to study art in NJ. Oils, pastels, charcoal, acrylic, photography and mixed media. Whatever the objects or the inspiration is best reflected in.

doug rayfield.jpg

Doug Rayfield

As a self- taught  artist he began painting around 50 years ago. Not specializing in any particular medium, he enjoys working in watercolor, acrylic, oil, and especially detailed drawings.  His work has been exhibited and sold throughout Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, and has appeared in several publications.  Additionally, he has occasional solo exhibits throughout the Crisfield area and participates in Maryland State Arts Council shows.

(410) 430-2414

Cathy Shea

Cathy does mixed medias.

Cathy Shea
Brian Sutherland Profile Pic.jpg

Brian Sutherland

Brian has been an artist since he was a child. His mother encouraged him to be a professional artist, and his aunt taught him all about oil painting. He had a thriving candle-making business in his young teenage years, but his passions became aikido, judo, and karate.  He has spent his life in the Baltimore area and Boulder Colorado. Brian and his wife Karen owned and operated “Boulder Fine Arts” and several other small companies in Colorado before moving back east.

With his career as a martial arts teacher, Brian has traveled extensively. When it was time to retire, he yearned for water instead of mountains and moved to a quiet fishing village off the Chesapeake Bay. Crisfield, “The Crab Capital of the World” is now his home.


Arielle Tesoriero

Arielle specializes in painting.

lori uncapher.jpg

Lori Uncapher

Lori specializes in Oil, Acrylic and pencil. Commissions welcomed.

Cheryl Wisbrock.jpg

Cheryl Wisbrock

Cheryl is a Delaware artist who has had the opportunity to experience living in a variety of geographic regions of the United States and South Pacific, creating a passion for travel and for interpreting the world in paint. Although she works occasionally in other mediums, Cheryl's primary focus is watercolor and acrylic, with watercolor in the lead. Cheryl's paintings reflect her love of regional land-and waterscapes, local places and events, although she does not limit her subject matter to Eastern Shore themes. She paints both in studio and en plein air, producing award-winning paintings that are held in private and public collections throughout the United States.

Lissa Abrams.jpg

Lissa Abrams

Lissa is a graduate of Tufts University.  In April 2011, Lissa retired from the Maryland Mental Hygiene Administration where she served as Deputy Director.  Since her career change, Lissa devotes herself to painting.  Lissa has taken art courses at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Zoll Art Studio, and currently studies with Paul Moscatt, and Bethanne Kinsella Cople.  Her work is exhibited in local galleries.

Brigitte Bowden painting.jpg

Brigitte Bowden

Brigitte enjoys the act of painting and the happiness that painting gives her. She is a member of the Worcester County Arts Council in Berlin, MD, the Art Institute and Gallery, Salisbury, MD, the Art League of Ocean City, MD and the Von Liebig Art Center in Naples, FL.

Teri Christiansen Picture.jpg

Teri Christensen

Teri does colored pencil paintings ofwildlife and local scenes.

Barbara del Duco painting.jpg

Barbara Del Duco

Barbara does acrylic and watercolor paintings, mixed media and cardboard miniatures, dollhouses and art items made with card stock and cardboard.

Jesse Drewer photo.jpg

Jesse Drewer

Jesse is a local photographer in the Crisfield area.

Jeffrey Engle picture.jpg

Jeffrey Engle

Jeffrey does all kinds of paintings of beach art including furniture,

MArk good picture.png

Mark Good

Mark specializes in sketching, photography and metalwork.

Mark Good
KAthy Green.jpg

Kathy Green

Kathy does nature photography in addition to paintings and sketches.

Rusty Merrit Art.jpg

Rusty Merritt

Rusty does computer repair and tech support. He has a website and creative design for advertising.

Emily Harmeyer painting.jpg

Emily Harmeyer

More info soon

More Info Soon
Shawna kearsely picture.jpg

Shawna Kearsley

Shawna specializes in acrylic paintings, oil on canvas, sculptures, carvings.

Jane Knighton picture.jpg

Jane Knighton

Jane does photography.

Jane Knighton
Lin Mcnamara painting.gif

Lin McNamara

Lin is a painter currently working in oils. She frequently works in plein air. She often uses the Chesapeake Bay region as a subject matter.


Leslie Pruitt

Leslie does photography and digitally modified photography.

bob peterson art.jpg

Bob Peterson

Bob's photographs are featured in the Annapolis Visitor’s Center on West Street, in numerous advertisements for Visit Annapolis, in the lobby of the Clantenoff Pavilion at the Anne Arundel Medical Center, on the cover of the 2015 Annapolis Visitor’s Guide, and on the cover of the December 2014 edition of Chesapeake Bay Magazine. He is a board member of the Maryland Federation of Art, and has exhibited in numerous juried shows at the Circle Gallery and other venues, an active member of the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis.


Jim Rehak

Jim is a professional Caricature artist.

Martha image.jpg


Martha Risingsun is an indigenous, (Northern Cheyenne/Crow) local to the eastern shore, and recent graduate of Wor-Wic (addictions counseling) who has spent her whole life creating art in various forms, painting, crafts, poetry, and mixed media.

karen riggen.jpg

Karen Riggen

Karen Specializes in visual paintings and is also a writer.

David Terrar.jpg

David Terrar

David is a Visual artist specializing in landscapes of the Chesapeake Bay.

Dawn Tarr.jpg

Dawn Tarr

Dawn specializes in artwork and creations of various kinds.

Dora Todd.jpg

Dora Heatherington-Todd

Dora Hetherington Todd is an award winning artist who grew up in the city of Philadelphia. She is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters. She paints in oil and her work is done en plein air, meaning out in the open air. Her paintings are impressionistic and reflect a passion for life immersed in nature. Dora's paintings are represented in both private and corporate collections across the United States.


Denise Wagner

Denise specializes in Fiber arts, encaustic and mixed media

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 11.23.01 AM.png

Katherine Lenehan

Katherine specializes in watercolor Art with various subjects reflecting psychological thought and water-related elements.

Margaret Bradshaw Painting.jpg

Margaret E Bradach

Margaret works in oil, acrylic, andwatercolor/ink. Her commissioned workfocuses on pet portraiture from the clientsphoto. She also creates polymer jewelryincluding natural elements. Includes foundobjects, semi precious stones, SwarovskiCrystals, and sea glass.

Karen Carmine picture.jpg

Karen Carmine

Karen takes pictures of life on Deal Island.

Ann Crostic Painting.jpg

Ann Crostic

Emily Guemple is a singer/songwriter from parksley Virginia.  The genres she plays includes country, classic rock and blues

Teresa Clifford Picture.jpg

Teresa Clifford

Shell art on glass featuring mermaids and starfish, jewelry. Media: crushed shells, crushed glass, sea glass, and gifts from the sea. Items can be found for sale at the
Smith Island Quilt Shop

Michel Demanche photo.jpg

Michel Demanche

Michel is a mixed media artist who is best known for her analogue black and white photography and printings of black and white photographs. She retired from UMES, and now has her work represented
by Causey Contemporary, New York.

Kathryn Ellis picture.jpg

Kathryn Ellis

Kathryn does painting - modern impressionist style; plein air, studio, and cold wax.

matt fenton.jpg

Matt Fenton

Matt is a plein air painter. He first became
interested in painting when he was young and inspired by pieces he saw at the Baltimore Museum of Art.


Michele Green

Michele specializes in local landscaping art and is an author as well.

Mark Hall.jpg

Mark Hall

Mark is an independent artist from Salisbury. He specializes in photo accurate drawings, ranging from graphite to ink and even chalk. He is also a photographer, wherein he has developed a series of themed photographs depicting a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Laura Jenkins art.jpg

Laura Jenkins

Laura specializes in oil paintings. She has been surround by art from a young age due to coming from a family full of painters


Rob Horsey

Rob is an excellent artist who frequently enters his work in local galleries.

Barbara Kern-Bush picture.jpg

Barbara Kern-Bush

Barbara specializes in paintings.

Patrick Lieb.jpg

Patrick Leib

Patrick does special wood projects.

Jackie Millar Art.jpg

Jackie Miller

Jackie is a watercolor artist, she's been painting watercolors for 48 years. Special orders are gladly taken by her.

Bette Orr painting.jpg

Bette Orr

Bette lives in Crisfield, MD, she is a watercolorist and teacher with 20+ years experience. She is nature inspired, often using a loose interpretative style of watercolor that magically exploits color and realism.

nicole pearson.jpg

Nicole Pearson

Nichole focuses on being a painter, web comic, knit and crochet items, handmade soaps. She is also a writer and is offering writing coach classes.


Kathleen Quinn

Kathleen does paintings, primarily landscapes and Pastels. She mostly works on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

keith robinson.jpg

Keith Robinson Jr.

Keith specializes in visual paintings.

ann schaefer.jpg

Ann Schaefer

Ann specializes in paintings of a variety of
different scenes.

Brittney Silver airt.png

Brittany Silver

Brittany specializes in poetry, photography and more.


Tina Bunkly Sterling

Tina specializes in pencil and mix medium, oils and acrylic art.

Judith Tummino.jpg

Judith Tummino

Judith specializes in landscape paintings.


Caroline Walls

Caroline is a web designer, she specializes in watercolors  alcohol inks, acrylic, photography, and computer graphics

Caroline Walls
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