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Basketball and tennis court mural project at the Crisfield Housing Authority

$1,000 will be awarded to selected artist through a Maryland State Arts Council grant. 

This contest closed Dec 15.  

Click here to view artist's mural designs.

The Crisfield Community is invited to participate a meeting Feb 17 at 5:30 pm to give input on these designs.  Please email to receive the meeting information.

Four Crisfield Housing Authority Residents are still needed to serve on the mural selection committee.  If reside at the Crisfield Housing Authority and would like to serve on this committee, please email

The Crisfield Housing Authority, City of Crisfield, Somerset County Parks & Recreation and the Crisfield Arts & Entertainment District Project are partnering to rehabilitate the basketball and tennis courts at the Crisfield Housing Authority, and to provide murals on the courts.  These courts are in currently in extremely poor condition, with cracks and vegetation. The total project is approximately $145,000, with about $120,000 of this cost for resurfacing, goals and nets. To see a similar project please go to

The final selection process of the artwork for the mural will be led by Shelton Hawkins and Megan MacLennan Cook, who have expertise on converting artwork to murals for basketball courts. The committee to select this work will be formed by Andre Collins, a Crisfield native and past international pro basketball player, Housing Authority Director Don Bibb, Somerset County Parks and Recreation  Director Clint Sterling, and six housing authority residents to be selected by the previously mentioned individuals. Crisfield Mayor Barry Dize and the Crisfield Arts & Entertainment District Project representative Jim Neal will round out the committee. 

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The most powerful thing you can give is your support! Please support this project by sending a letter of support to or mail to CAED Project, PO Box 107, Crisfield MD 21817.  There is no need to be fancy, just write from your heart about why this project is meaningful to you. 


Anthenelli, Phoebus & Hickman, LLC $250

Crisfield American Legion #16 $3,000