Opening Night

Friday, May 17 from 6 pm to 10 pm


Saturday, May 18 -12 noon to 8 pm. 

This show will take place in the former Corbin Library, 4 East Main Street in Crisfield.

Free admission and artist registration made possible by generous sponsorships from PNC Bank and the American Legion. Cash donations in lieu of admission are encouraged and will help to keep this show free to artists & the public next year.

Hangin' Out is a show where all types of art will be displayed, from paintings to poetry. Artists will be allowed to bring 1 piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, poetry, etc..) and set it up at no charge. There will be a registration process.  Artists will have the option to sell their work with a percent of sales going to the Crisfield Arts &Entertainment District Project.  


It's a chance for people to see all kinds of art together in a gallery style setting to bring attention to the artists and Crisfield.

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